Camano Island, large survey maps, wells, and septic systems, for Camano Island Parcel Map Range 3, Township 30, Section 13 East Camano Drive

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The above September 1997 aerial photo of this section of Camano is from

The below 5/11/1993 2:42:00 PM aerial photos are from:

A square system of surveying was ordained by the Continental Congress on May 20, 1785. Within each township (6 miles X 6 miles), are 36 sections. Each section of 640 acres is one mile square (5,280 feet X 5,280 feet). Each quarter section is 160 acres (2,640 feet X 2,640 feet). Most long straight roads and acreage pieces of property have north-south, east-west property lines.

These maps needed to be big to read the numbers.

Click on the below Camano section map numbers, to go to a page with Camano Island 2005 assessor data, 1/4 section parcel maps, and aerial photos.

Below is the 1 well report for this section of Camano, from the December 2004 Washington State Department of Ecology Well log website. Included below is who the well was drilled for, the well depth, and when the well was drilled. At the well log website, more detailed information is available, like the well drillers name, water temperature(sometimes), and soil profile depths.

Public Land Survey: SE, NE, S-13, T-30-N, R-03-E, Tax Parcel Number: (blank) 
County: ISLAND, Well Address: 791 E 2555, CAMANO ISLAND 
Well Log ID: 81573, Well Tag ID: (blank) , Notice of Intent Number: W018202 
Well Diameter: 6 (inches), Well Depth: 307 (feet) 
Well Type: Water, Well Completion Date: 3/1/1995, Well Log Received Date: 3/15/1995