Phillip Harmon Federal courthouse documents

Camano Islander investor, Phillip Harmon, lost over $15,000,000 of small and large investors money when his investment company went bankrupt in the middle 1990's. I think he was given 8 years in jail. I went down to the Seattle Federal courthouse, around 1999, and looked up and copied some Phillip Harmon public court documents.

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I've uploaded a webpage with the approximately 250 names of Phillip Harmon investors and the amounts they lost. Although it's a public courthouse document, you'll have to e-mail me to get the link to it. Some people wouldn't like their names and money loss amounts to be easily seen. People with search engine knowledge can probably find the webpage.

Here's a link to a history of Phillip Harmon that his lawyer wrote to the judge.

Here's a link to letters that people sent to the federal judge William Dwyer, saying that Phillip Harmon is a good person. Some of these people lost plenty of money to Harmon associates.

Here's a link to a document that Phillip Harmons lawyer wrote to the judge, requesting that while on bail, Mr. Harmon be allowed to see certain friends.